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raybans of course

Survey survey survey because I'm curious

Ok agility and other miscellaneous dog peoples: what does your actual week of training look like? And is this by default or choice? Do you have a more ideal sked or plan in mind? Details please. Or not.

me in doghat

hee hee

My old friend Harry The Principal sent me this and it cracked me up and I sent it to
ndozo who says it cracked her up, so for anyone else who needs it here it is:
me in doghat

OMG have you seen the Obama girl yet?

This IS BRILLIANT... so sweet and edgy and hilarious ...her song is stuck in my head...

...which is totally okay because i have a political crush on Obama too...

B to the A to the R-A-C-K-O-B-A-M-A... B to the A to the R-A-C-K-O-B-A-M-A...

...and I think I will now have to go to her myspace and view the deleted scenes and buy one of her t-shirts or maybe the underwear...

...but will someone please STOP ME from thinking about cigars!