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In your work...

...when you hit a hard part, something that seems impossible, might there be Gods or angels or some saint or some other thing you speak to, might even leave offerings for, promise your firstborn, etc. you believe will help you through it?????
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hawking this group for writers and i guess anti-writers and would-be writers too

So I joined this group awhile back and every once in a while there is someone who can really do it, get a whole story down, a cosmos in a moment, beginning middle and end, in exactly only 50 words... like I admire this one and I like this one and this one goes goes dark nicely and suddenly and I think this one today is kind of cool too, scroll down and take a gander, there are lots of good ones... and the other thing is, its been fun to just try to do it once in a while too...  anything as long as its 50 words.
I think everyone should try it.
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a trivial musing from brooklyn

so even though i am not a huge fan of the gossip girl books, i have read enough of them to know and appreciate what they are, read them partly because of the way my girls like them, kind of the way they like Haagen Daz icecream which is different from the way they like Dove or Ben & Jerrys or Godiva or Cold Stones or Maggie Moos and also read them partly because of the kind of writer i am i like to know where i am in relation to popular stuff, like making sure i have a compass in my pocket as i head into my own woods... anyway, i wanted to say that i got home from workshop last night about 12:30 am (driving through neighborhoods, that if i am going to do this every week now, might get me killed) and then stayed up to watch the whole episode of gossip girl my youngest tivoed for me and also her big sister for whenever she visits next from college and i have to say, and i know its gotten bad reviews, i didn't read the one in the nytimes but apparently it first panned the books and then the show too, but for me this show is a huge success so far... the gossip girl show people (i don't know who to credit here, whether its the writers, producers, directors, or actors) managed to perfectly slip those books into the tv without dropping them or spilling anything and i am kind of marveling at the way they completely kept intact the writer's quick slick two-dimensional renditions of these people in their two-dimensional world, without too much tongue in cheek, preserving the darkness, the rich emptiness, the complex superficiality of this version of that Manhattan world... without trying to weight the little dramas with any more cliche soapy meaning or message, completely preserving the books' comic book depth perception and i am not being sarcastic, i think there is lots of room for this stuff in the world, i am also not a snob, i like lots of what is popular and uncool and very shallow, and i was concerned that the show was going to make these really two-dimensional characters into three-dimensional characters that would be asking me to be more emotionally invested than i wanted to be... and they didn't and they didn't farcify them either
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concentrate, focus...

...the kid has started her second job today, yesterday was at the animal shelter, today is with little kids at a nature camp... other kid is at job with shrink studying returning Iraq war vets... sis is off doing errands with the labradoodle... husband is at work... i've had three cups of coffee, i'm barefoot, wearing my FRAY '07 summer concert tour shirt... now, must write, MUST write, MUST WRITE NOW
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lj thesaurus anyone?

I have been stuck in this section of the book for an inordinate amount of days, but now I am optimistic that I'm on my last run through before I move on and right now, right here, I am momentarily snagged, at a loss for some different words for:

going bananas, flipping out, going nuts, shitting yourself... you know, getting really really excited and thrilled over something... its in a conversation... its a kid talking...

okay, seriously... having one of those brain dead moments... so, anything come to any of your lj minds?
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a dream and real life

I dreamed I was sitting in my writing workshop and as we all sat around talking a little grey moth landed on the head of the woman who runs the workshop and no one said anything, workshop continued, even as the moth started to do something in her hair, busy moth work, flitting, walking, rolling, making some kind of web-like substance, no one said anything, everyone was pretending nothing like this was going on and the woman didn't realize and then I noticed there was a crack in the wall behind her and more moths came out and flew to the woman's head, and the stringy web-like substance grew, the moths were calmly getting busier and busier until her hair was alive with an infestation of grey moths and more moths kept coming out of the crack in the wall and still no one mentioned that this was happening and then of course, I woke up.

any interpretations from professionals or amateurs are welcome...

In real life I rode on the 4 train this morning and saw my first real life elf. She looked like she'd had a hard life, she had a hard face and she was wearing like an Al Capone suit with a button down shirt extremely unbuttoned and she had pointy elf ears. I thought maybe she had like one deformed ear, it was pinched into a point at birth or something, so when she got off at her stop I checked out the other ear and it was exactly the same... right to a perfect point... she was carrying a fat briefcase and I have been wondering now, what an executive elf does, or maybe this was a mobster elf, the Al Capone suit, on her way to a hit... I don't know, but it was definitely one of those I heart NY moments for me.
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(no subject)

I liked The Road. I am glad it won the pulitzer. I went completely into that dark imagined world, I believed it all the way, read it fast and close, even cried in the end... I read it last fall and it has stayed with me... someone told me they thought it was purple... but I think it was simply too gray and colorless and devastating in its simplicity to be purple... and if I had to try to say what I think Cormac McCarthy is saying I would say that he thinks when the world is at its end, and this book makes physically real the possibility of what that will be like, when there is absolutely no hope, when there is nothing, nothing to scavange even, when nothing recognizable of humanity exists, no reason or any possible way to keep going, when there are no rules, when the direction doesn't even matter, the only possible hope will come from what small optimism or love might still be alive in a child.