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in or out

this is the carefully thought out inscription from my former fellow workshopper antonstrout which he penned in the B&N after his first public reading for his first published novel...

To keep it somewhat in perspective, I try to tell myself that he must have started workshopping Dead To Me months maybe a year or even more before I began mine... I mean he was close to done when I joined that workshop... however... now he has also turned in book two with an eye on three... which he did light speed on his own without ye old workshop which, by the by, fizzled last summer...

so he has outgrown the workshop crutch... which I would like to say I have too... but right now, after the hiatus following that untimely fizzle... I am considering entering another workshop situation... to get my butt back up to speed... which I think could be a little dangerous - to start with new people roughly 450 pages into a novel, but not all the way through to the end of one draft... how it is already hard to keep one head, one kind of energy, one sensibility over time while writing a book and this will open up all kinds of new directions and potentially wrong turns... oh well, whatever... I had to actually apply to this workshop... make some kind of cut and I only did apply because tinkrbellicoptr another veteran of that old workshop joined it and talked me into applying because maybe some workshop is better than no workshop... to regain momentum even if its momentum in the wrong direction... so right now I have roughly 21 hours left of the 72 I must wait before these new workshop people tell me if I am in or not... hmmmmmmmmmmm

in other news... Stella has a playmate over here this morning... Paquita, who is also six months old...

they shared two halves of a frozen carrot... good for puppies to teethe on

Paquita chose the kids beanbag chair next to Stella's bed as her spot

but mostly they have been playing non-stop

Stella, having to figure out that she can't wack her new friend with her paw like she does with the bigger dogs in the park because that just sends Paquita flying

but they seem to be getting to be good buddies... Stella even let Paquitta have her favorite piece of bone

then they crashed

and this was the face of the morning...

me in doghat

the little writers group that could

carolynturgeon  said that instead of ordering all kinds of greasy food that is not really all that good for us, she would be making dinner this time (polenta and spinach and tofu and zucchini and pork and sauce and tomatoes and salad and blueberries and avocado on the side) and that we will love it and think it was the best meal we ever had (this is what she said) and I don't doubt this will be true. So I asked what I could bring and carolynturgeon  said red wine. Buying wine is totally hit or miss with me, I don't know much about it, I am really a whim wine buyer, which is fine for me, but maybe not for carolynturgeon  et al. So I went to our local liquor store today in anticipation of tomorrow and snatched two bottles off the shelf with  some guidance and then the counter girl in the wine shop picked out a third for me. So, now I don't really know what to do, which of these would best compliment her dinner and facilitate our workshopping...

Poll #1060690 wine for writers reading and talking about writing

So which RED WINE should I bring tomorrow?

Stephen Vincent (2005 California)
Le P'Tit Rouquin (2006 France)
La Bete Noire (2005 France)
all of the above
none of the above, go back to the store and buy something else


i can cry if i want to even though its not MY party

Right now I am supposed to be at Old Devil Moon celebrating the good cause of carolynturgeon 's birthday with a whole bunch of friends. A double whammy celebration because her second novel just sold this week in a little bidding war to Three Rivers Press and I really wanted to go, but the reason I didn’t go, couldn’t put on one of my Avenue-A-at-14th-Street dresses and go out, was because sketchy cells on my face got zapped this week and even though the doc said I’d be good to go with a little cover-up and my husband said the way a husband might, it is a little worse than it was two days ago, but its not that bad... I really look way too scary, like a horror movie creature escaped from some radioactive lagoon, a look that I am hoping is really temporary. So now this will be like last year when I didn’t make it to her birthday at the Cowgirls Hall of Fame and it took weeks, no maybe months, to get her present to her even though I carried it around a lot hoping to bump into her, and this year, my whole family picked the present out for her on Fathers Day at Seventh Heaven.
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notes on last night

In the middle of the middle school kid's Chamber Players Concert carolynturgeon and razorart were calling to say they were headed to the galleycat mediabistro party that bookgossip blogger Ron Hogan's invited them to at Lolita on Broome Street and that I should meet them there. I watched our violinist play her way through the Bach and the Handel with her fellow chamber players. I even stayed awhile longer to hear the group of six cellos play the Dotzauer and then the James Bond Theme. By then, carolynturgeon and razorart were calling again to say the galleycat party was so packed they couldn't get in edgewise (actually neither one of them would probably ever use the word edgewise) but they were going to party for a while at a bar on the next corner until there was more room. I did find them looking glamorous at a sidewalk table and then carolynturgeon's friend, noted beauty and fashion and spa expert Rona Berg showed up at the little sidewalk table party too.

There was talk about first books and second books and third books and even one fourth book. We talked about JT Leroy the reality movie and plastic surgery and who might consider it and psycho email and Italy trips and a Barcelona childhood and seven pages a week and cramps and fictional flasks preceding real life flasks and chipped manicures that have a certain look and a broken finger. Also a tango competition and prom and a spa junket in Singapore. A good publisher and a bad publisher.
At some point I got hit with something wet that fell from the sky. We think it was probably birdshit although this wasn't totally clear. So, I essentially took a shower in the ladies room anyway. Then, Rona decided to cross the street and squeeze in to the galleycat party at Lolita and claim her free drink ticket, say hi to a few other authors, we heard 200 were coming, then she returned with her free drink under her jacket.

There was more talk about the Pussycat Lounge and the Pulpwood Queens and Texas tiaras and all kinds of interesting upcoming BEA events like the Rock Bottom Remainders concert with members like Amy Tan and Steven King and Scott Turow... by the time we meandered over to the Lolita party, there was lots and lots of room, but no more free drink tickets no matter how hard one of us negotiated. We were too late to meet party guest of honor, Mergers & Acquisitions author Dana Vachon. Sorry we missed Ted Mooney too, I would have asked him if he was going to Bennington College's 75th this year. However, Ron Hogan was now calling carolynturgeon from a cigar bar on Hudson street and telling her she must show up there with the entourage. In the taxi on the way over, there was talk of Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton books and sex and politics and betrayals and ghost writing and stupid berets and smart cigars. And no one could remember really how old Monica was when she was... you know... doing the president. Anyway in the back with all the books, Ron was there smoking a cigar and chatting with his agent and Yael Goldstein, the petite and charming author of Overture who was also smoking a cigar.

It was snug and dark and some of us put our feet up.

If there was any really seriously outrageous gossip, I didn't pick up on it. There probably was. Did we talk about antonstrout? I don't remember. razorart picked out some fancy drinks for us and there was more talk JT Leroy and some about Andy Warhol and using real life in fiction vs using real life in art and the ability to skewer someone with words and violins and coal mining and Hollywood and more on the topic of second novels.
I just happened to notice there was a James Bond poster on the wall behind Ron and I was hearing echos of my kids concert. Eventually I heard that the fancy drinks we were drinking were like $18 a piece and I decided I would now definitely use all the facilities the cigar bar had available, which was essentially the bathroom. And when I went to the ladies there was an old James Bond movie playing on the TV which I watched while I waited my turn and I took this all to be a sign that I should soon be sending out a James Bond Girl short story I wrote.

Anyway what I decided last night is, I think its really important to have girlfriends like carolynturgeon and razorart who are amusing and discriminating and glamorous and opinionated and talented and unexpected and know the importance of girlfriends and don't always have to agree. Eventually, after carolynturgeon had her cigar, we all went in different directions, the L, the downtown 2, the uptown 2, the Pussycat Lounge and on my way to the subway my college kid called just to see if she could move her doctors appointment today so she could go meet Bon Jovi with some of her college friends. I said we could try.
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three-part novel harmony and discord

I have started reading three novels this week. Jonathan Lethem's You Don't Love Me Yet, Jennifer Belle's Little Stalker, and Joi Brozek's Sleeveless. I am reading Lethem's book for the unpredictable romantic hip mix of art and love and sex and rock n roll on a youngish LA landscape and its also good to read a guy once in a while. I am reading Belle's book for that certain kind of downtown narcissistic Manhattan funny bone. And, I am reading Brozek's book because I know she is one of kind authentic and will take me where most people never dare to go in her own rough and surprising way. I know I am not being fair to these three authors by switching off and reading all their books at once. But, I love to read and this is the only way I can read novels right now. I am two-thirds of the way through writing my own and I just can't risk letting someone else's voice fill my head right now. So, this is kind of an apology to those writers for needing to be this kind of a slut.
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Eating Cake?

There was a Baby Shower for tinkrbellicoptr a couple of days ago in a nice Irish bar in Queens on that day that the New York City area got hit with the Biggest Showers its had in like a hundred years... and her friends naturally turned up anyway and there was Much Merriment and many Sweet Leetle Presents, the best of which HAD to be the Knit Cowboy (or Cowgirl maybe?) Booties from carolynturgeon in a Cowprint Bootie Bag, but eventually there was cake too.
I went for the chocolate fudge cake when they came around for the cake orders, but then my plate arrived with Two Pieces Of Cake, one the choc fudge, but the other a Complete Mystery and that Mystery kind seemed to be also arriving on everyone's plate along with their first choice of cake, like we all need a double servings of cake, right? I'm thinking a different kind of booty now. Anyway, there was a rumor that the Other Piece Of Cake was supposed to be a yellow cake, but it was clearly not that, and someone suggested tiramisu, but it was not that either, and someone said maybe ginger, but really no I don't think so and it will just have to be one of those mysteries forever... although it is just occurring to me now that maybe we were supposed to have our cake and eat it too, you know, not eat BOTH, but most of us just put a dent in both of them and it all was good... and tinkrbellicoptr looked great and its such a curious thing when you think of it that where there is only One Person sitting there now, in a few days there will be Two and tinkrbellicoptr seems so very ready to be the mom now, just get on with it already, due date being May 5th and contractions already 10 minutes apart at certain times of certain days...

And then there was this matter of This Other Cake tinkrbellicoptr's clever friend Nikki made for the occasion which also has to do with the booty, the baby booty. This is probably the cake To Have.