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me in doghat

odds and ends

a moth the size of a jetliner... one of these did get in the house... but not this one

my sisters dog Matilda is such a star... (I think we have to get our own labradoodle immediately)

Matilda likes to float better than swim...

the great blue has been fishing in our swamp...

there have been riding lessons at Hoodance Hollow...

this is my favorite part of a horse's body... feels like velvet

...I wonder if my kids would be these kids if I hadn't raised em in the city...

4-H chickens and ducks can have interesting doos

I was torn... whether to award the cutest bunny prize to these guys

or these guys

this one I think is part cat

then there was wine tasting on the CT wine trail...

and the youngest occupied herself taking pictures and playing with the special effects...
to me this one looks like the dog's toy died a violent death on the table looking out over the vinyards

the kid was transporting herself

and finally this was me and the husband--on the day we buried my aunt and uncle like sixteen years ago--outside the house we be at mostly this summer
me in doghat

last weekend

Saw my kid in the circus, the theme was horror...

the kid was also in a funny little known musical called Red Head which apparently won a Tony in 1959 in which a red headed lady

gets murdered

and there were many songs and dance numbers

this is the kid's bunk...

we stayed in a fisherman's motel a ways away

where there was a phone booth in the grass
me in doghat

monsters that live in the bushes all your life

For as long as I can remember there has been dragon living here in the bushes at this spot on route 7. As a kid going by in the car, it was one of the big events to find it as we drove by... sometimes its spots were brighter and tongue more scarlet...

this year... I missed it the first time we went by... and almost the second... and then I bravely got out of the car and went to take a picture... Collapse )
me in doghat

went to the fair today...

there were hands saying things in femo

and $5 posable fabric dolls with wonderful ears, from China, in a booth where girls could buy matching jumpers with their dolls of flowers or cats or Santa or horses

and then bears and eagles and totum poles cut in wood... i think this is the work of the guy who uses the chainsaw...

the earcuff guy was there from Sugarloaf, NY

my sis bought some but not these - the naked girl with tree branch legs that i liked

and there was this woman with REALLY long hair

and people in body paint

and exercise demos

and more... like a young woman walking around baring her belly tat but I can't find that snapshot... aren't you glad? Oh wait... I found it... here it is
me in doghat

very wet and electrical

I drove my girls to Jones Beach last night to see The Fray. My husband had gotten them center, upfront tickets.
The parking lot was full of Long Island parking lot tailgate parties, all boozing up before the show and some of them were funnelling it down. I should have snapped some pix, but didn't think of it. But, my older kid turned to me and said, "SO Long Island" at the exact moment I was saying the same thing.
Anyway, instead of driving home to Brooklyn and then driving all the way back to pick them up, I bought a chauffeur's ticket which is cheapo standing room, essentially it seems for moms and dads who are sort of non-committal about concert going. But, this location was very cool, stage left and on the water and really pretty close to the stage, closer than the more expensive tickets the box office tried to sell me.

First we saw Mae and they were good.

Then we saw OK GO and they were good.

It started raining while OK Go was playing and some people fled, but we stayed... to the end of their set and waited for The Fray until the lighting was striking inches away and the concert staff told us to go inside, infact hurried us out of there. And then some people waited and waited and waited....

And then they let everyone back in when the skies had calmed down for awhile... but then the storm started up again... and more people fled... but a lot of people stayed. We stayed. The concert hadn't been canceled. So we were optimistic. Right up until almost eleven... when The Fray suddenly moved through the crowd with their wall of security and through a door at the back of the stadium where we were waiting and my kids were screaming and no one got their camera out in time... but.... then The Fray go on the PA system and said the concert was now canceled and the raindate was July 3rd and they would quickly sing one song right now on the PA system... so they sang this:

(sorry technical difficulties... little odd video coming soon...)

anyway... it doesn't look like we can make this work... so, little video is of this little funky speaker with the sounds of The Fray singing a capella Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
...it was very nice... then security shooed everyone away, saying The Fray had gone out the back door... my kids didn't believe it, hung longer for pix... and just as the Fray came out I bumped the younger (read this as shoved her forward into the crowd to get a better picture because she is shy and hangs back and this is MY BAD) just as she was getting her shot and so it is a blurr... and then we went home VERy wet and a little grumpy... maybe we'll be back for the raindate