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Survey survey survey because I'm curious

Ok agility and other miscellaneous dog peoples: what does your actual week of training look like? And is this by default or choice? Do you have a more ideal sked or plan in mind? Details please. Or not.

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the sun is out and i'm feeling the optimism

On the way to the park this morning, Stella pulled over near the top of the block at her usual pooping spot right by a dog in a car, i mean RIGHT by, with the dog looking down at her and whew--nonevent. Except for the poop.
Off leash was as easy as pie as usual.
And the leash up through the farmers market where everyone brings their dogs after off leash, literally probably a hundred dogs mill around on leash while their owners buy fresh eggs and wheatgrass and goat cheese and gluten free bread and fresh lavender and apple donuts and free range fed meats and line caught fish and NY wine, there was not even the slightest edgy moment where I might have had to reorient her...
Even the trip to the avenue after that to buy more coffee was easy. Major surprise when the marching band started to play right across the street on the block we were walking down with all the little league teams gathering for the opening day of the season parade, Stel did not go right into fright flight total bolt mode with the sound of the drums... she was just hey could we maybe try going down a different block?
We passed scads of dogs, a couple of them giving her the hairy eyeball and she was all fine. Strangely non-reactive.
I'm going to attribute calm this to: we started working on a new trick yesterday. several short sessions. someone on FB put up vid of teaching their dog to do a ninja back leg kick and i thought this would be a perfect segue into lifting diagonal paws... as we are mastering lifting both same side paws--tippy--and learning new things with me always makes Stel feel tied in tighter to me, she even sometimes cuddles (lying on top of or right up next to my feet) as best she can after a little training session.

i'm going to fix this for her, i am
raybans of course

Let's play catch 22

If I take newish or at least not punctured or still whole possibly even with working squeaker toys to the park there are the people who feel well its on me if the toy gets f-ed up because dogs are dogs and it's really to be expected and really why bring nice-ish or favorite things to play with to off leash... and then there are other people not so different, in fact some are the same people, who then get upset and frustrated when I bring the beatup squeakerless, chewed up, one-legged toys to the park because then they are worried when their dogs get them they will demolish them and swallow the pieces...

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Boo that

Guess who was not at the park this morning? Guess who still does not have her squeaky park toy back?

me in doghat


Stella didn't come when I called this morning at off leash. She didn't even come to my two-fingered mouth whistle which is failsafe since she was a puppy--it's how the breeder called them all to eat. She was obsessed with Scouts ball and he was leaving the park with Stella's other buddies Abby and Max and Ziggy... The husband was taking a longer walk with me deeper into the park and stel just blew me off. She must sense I am not really here, a disconnect, I don't know... Her life has been kind of turned upside down She could be mad at me bewildered wary weary or just tuning me out I don't know what dogs feel. But she is still very loving at home.