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Lolo used to be the bravest cat of our two. She walked among dogs like she was a dog or maybe the dogs were cats in her mind, who knows. She was convinced Stella was her mommy for the longest time. She would curl up and chew on Stel's coat and kneed her with her paws and purr. Then, last summer, the two dogs chasing Lolo and Finn through the house was too much for Lo. She was traumatized, scared out of her wits. They scared the piss out of her literally and it took me a long time of washing everywhere and laundering ever rug to find out where exactly. Anyway, she is a changed cat. Very jumpy, skitterish. Any little sound, any little movement of any kind makes her jump or flee. But, today, she has been rubbing up against Stella like she used to before the summer. So maybe she'll be ok.
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a night at the lakehouse

I don't remember putting those acorns in there. Did you put those acorns in this drawer? Oh man, the meeces have been busy getting ready to move into their winter diggs.

If Lo and Finn don't catch whoever did this tonight I'm gonna be pissed.

They are definitely on the job... got both directions covered

Stella would be thrilled if she could just chase her beloved silly-rubber-chicken all night... which is why the drawer with the winter stash got opened to look for the blinkers... which weren't there.

Hmmmmm where did those meeces put them?

Meanwhile, I took notice as we played fetch which lead she preferred as she ran out and back (wondering whether Stell is a lefty or righty because more often than not left turns are harder for me to cue with success) and it turns out she switches all the time... so its more than likely me that can't cue left turns like I should.

The animals love it at the lake.
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teetered out--I am firing myself from this job

Since the last post Stella has been acting weirdly spooked about the teeter at home... the last three times we got it out to practice she's been heading tail down for another room... its a HUGE setback and so hugely disappointing because we worked on it hard all summer and she was starting to love it--it seemed....
She's never been actually spooked by the teeter before, just understandably nervous about it moving under her and not loving the bang when it hits... so, we had just about overcome that, I thought we were out of the tunnel... and I thought okay, maybe it's making a new sound, creaking more as it tips, she can be so hypersoundsensitive... But, by the way she stood there frozen the first time two days ago, exactly the way she does when she hears thunder in the distance, I thought at first, maybe it was something she heard outside on the street, the rumble of a truck, but something spooked her deeply.

Anyway, I think I know now... its not the new creaking sound, its the cats... the day she first spooked, the cats were also jumping up on the teeter too while she was on it, tipping it one way or the other and she seemed fine... the cats and the dog are all over each other all the time so it didn't seem like a big deal, maybe the cats were even helping desensitize her more... but then suddenly she wasn't fine... she got off the teeter, stared at it for a few seconds and left the room...

I see it now--the cats made the obstacle she was FINALLY figuring out how to control, totally unpredictable to her again...

The last three times we have gotten out the teeter Stella has turned around and left the room... today I decided to try the teeter in a different room, sometimes thats all it takes to get her back... but she scooted away again... I finally got her back to square one, getting her just to come to the teeter, tentatively trusting putting one then two, then four feet on, never conifdent though... I did get her across it once, with the leash on and heavy on the lure with a can of fish... then the cats appeared on the scene again and jumped on it while she was on it and our session was over... not even a dripping handful of mackerel could lure her back and food is everything to her... Please someone tell me this isn't forever!

Instinctively, I know need to just put our teeter away for how long I don't know... having to coax her so hard just to come to it, nevermind get on it, seems counter productive... I don't know, what does anyone think? I feel so stupid ---she was doing so well! She was even walking over those cellar doors on the sidewalk on the Avenue she's always been worried about... she won't even come near the Wobble Board...

I screwed up the dog... and my kid is supposed to compete with her in like three weeks