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its really not about me

put ons and take offs and stuff about stuff

I would have to say that my jobs as reporter and feature writer and gossip columnist at the New York Daily News and then contibuting editor at New York Magazine were my grad school and now I have been just a mom for a very long time even though I have never been just-a-mom ever, if you know what I mean, which is to say I have totally always been a mom whenever that was called for and it was, intensely, for so many years like I said, but maybe not always exactly in the way that you would expect, and there have been poems in Mudfish and Gravida and a story in The Saint Ann's Review and I mean I have been unexpected or maybe being a mom unexpectedly put me in touch with my unexpected inner child even though, a lot of the time, as a mom, part of the job is just that you have to do what-is-expected, but anyway I tried, I still try, and now I am trying to really put the push on myself to finish this novel I am writing about a week in the life of a mother of a daughter which sounds boring but somehow (and I am not exactly sure how this works yet) it actually isn't, I mean I hope it is funny and heart-wrenching and true and really great and the thing about this is, I think books get judged by their covers every day which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the cover... so I am journaling in the area of covers for a while...
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