dinahprincedaly (dinahprincedaly) wrote,

Working on rear crossing the poles or pole dancing

I did all the handling trainings in Silvia's foundations classes... and then sorta forgot to keep practicing and testing and making it harder and harder on my own... so yep, in particular my rear crossings on the poles got rusty...
So I was happy to be able to work on some of these again in the last lesson of Silvia's Xtreme Foundations class... wish the weather and time had been better to do more in that class (there was so much material) but the CT yard was mostly a mud snow or ice disaster area... for this POLES session I had to work in our driveway (the mUd was treacherous) in the area we pretty much are letting overgrow with grass/weeds so the agility area gets extended :)

And below are some rear cross weave entries from the recent Timo seminar...
the first entry so FANCY! so very POLE DANCING!!!
But the second one I am so proud of


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