dinahprincedaly (dinahprincedaly) wrote,

I think I have to stay

I can't bear facing this dissolving. Mass exiting. happening so fast.

This place is, has been, so actual a place I can go. Come in out of the rain. I can't put into words the magic of it, the traveling to you, the stories of your lives, the love and tether I feel. And I know I have taken it for granted lately, sure that it would always be here... this place made up of people from across everywhere that so many times make a world of difference for me... small but huge, with all everyone's rough edges and good humor and brilliant suggestions and wit and how many times I have felt rescued, been given a hand and I am just so very sad and ok, worried about my sanity.

So for now I am here. I think goodbyes are stupid. Maybe I'll start posting every day.

Tags: goodbye

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