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dog flu in chicago

For B's graduation in June we plan to take the dogs out to Chicago and then pack her up and bring her home. The husband has been emailing me all those news reports about the canine flu in Chicago. How five dogs have died. And then today circulating there is this article published in Dogs Naturally saying - eh, no big deal, its just pharmaceutical companies colluding with the press in a strategy to sell vaccines and how vaccinating your dog for this canine flu is maybe not the best idea...

what to think about this...


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Apr. 11th, 2015 12:09 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I'm probably not the one to reply. But I will. Pardon my lack of tact.

I really hate that journal. It propagates an anti-medicine paranoia and anti-science bias that I believe will hurt a lot of dogs. It publishes a lot of "Junk science" treatments that have absolutely no basis in research or truth.

Going to dog parks is always a risk, there are plenty of bugs that vaccines don't cover that dogs can pass around (just like humans, go figure). You pay your money, you take your chances.

I'm not a fan of the "OMG GET YOUR DOG VACCINATED YEARLY" old school vet behavior either, the truth and the research support getting puppy shots and then repeating vaccines every 3 to 5 years is more than sufficient for viral illnesses (probably somewhat more frequent for bacterial, I choose to do them yearly).

If your dogs got their puppy shots (and for Stella, probably one booster) then you're about as protected as you can be if you choose to go to the dog-dense areas.

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Apr. 11th, 2015 03:11 pm (UTC)
No, I'm really glad you replied! You are exactly the right person and had scads of tact. I can see people might want to take that journal with a few grains of salt. I do read some of their articles when they pop up on feeds... I'm open to holistic ideas, but I'm nowhere near wholly holistic... but since the lyme vaccine made Stel so sick and kind of arthritic and it lasted for years, I've been thinking eh, maybe less is more? so i worry about all the vaccines too...
I'm not sure that we will be going to dog dense areas in chicago anyway, I think we will be real busy and the dogs will be people socializing mostly... but the husband got me worried. I will have to try to find more on it, like how long the virus lives and is it only transmitted dog to dog contact or if it lives on the ground for a time...
I've always just gotten Stella vaccinated when the vet says to, but this year aside from the rabies, I decided to do titers for the first time and she's still good...
I won't do the lyme vaccine again... and it doesn't protect against all the strains of lyme now going on anyway...
I don't do the kennel cough vaccine anymore, I only did it when we had to leave her somewhere that required it... and apparently this dog flu isn't covered by that anyhow...
I have never done the lepto, although one vet suggested I do it for Razz because he's always trying to lick random stuff... but another vet said lepto hasn't been a problem around here for a decade...

So its a continuing discussion in my head, particularly because not so long ago Razzle was so very bizarrely sick with what they thought was parvo even though he'd been vaccinated... now they think it was the other thing he tested for and maybe never had parvo but had been exposed---because even in the initial snap test he was not shedding
What are the bacterial vaccines you do yearly?
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