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Stella was incredible in class today. IN CRED I BLE.
Fast. Exact. Tight. Playful. Magic. Full of herself. Confident. Happy.
And I even had to have Razz crated in the room (way too cold in the car) and he was screaming bloody murder. She was all about the agility.
I have always known she had the skills, but to nail it like that, with no questioning, letting me get way ahead... we had a lap turn threadle to a blind, a tandem turn after a puppy cannon, a tough forced front directly out of a tunnel... she made me look good.


Feb. 20th, 2015 03:09 pm (UTC)
Soshana said our first time through was brilliant and then said there were two tiny nitpicky things I could work on if I wanted... one was getting her commitment even faster coming out of the tunnel before the forced front (because the jump was dead on from the tunnel and she was looking at it first, and she wanted Stel looking at me coming out of the tunnel) and the other to keep my hand low, lower, on the thread lap turn... I do tend to fling my hands up too much...