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a little bit of Christmas begins

Its done---Tomorrow I will mail the secret ornament... I had to keep hiding it and protecting it from the cats and also Razzle... At one point Razzle stood on the center of the dining room table with it in his mouth! so I had to scrap that version and start again... This is now his second time on the dining room table. Really Razz? Really? He's very clever about doing the things he is not supposed to, waits til I'm distracted with some task and not looking...
Anyway I'm so glad Tammy did this secret santa ornament exchange... I forget what a vacation it is from stress and daily life to sit down and figure out how to make something.

In other news, Razzle is sort of getting used to the gentle leader. He's not fighting it furiously like he did when the PT just put it in him and told me he'd have to tough it out... I thought he was going to hurt himself. I've been working on it and little by little its just part of life. It's kind of Christmassy looking...

 photo E3E1AD40-6DB0-404C-8819-67A385D6CAD1.jpg

I love when the Christmas tree venders fill the city streets with the smell of all different kinds of pines... But it's quite a feat to get Razzle by them along the sidewalks without peeing on the christmas trees. He really really wants to.

I enjoy this time of year walking the dogs in the dark early evening and looking in windows to see people's trees... last night there was an apartment where you could see all the way through the open living room and kitchen and through the back sliding glass doors and a huge living tree was all lit up in their back yard...

taking it slow
I'm giving Stella some longer walks now and brief off leash away from her buddies. She's moving well. I guess it's time to start building her again. I'm now walking them many many times a day separately.

My poor dogs have gained weight. Tubby dogs. Both of them are about five pounds more than what they should be. Their dinners have not been adjusted to their "on rest" lives and perhaps more treats as we busy them with tricks. I'm on this now.

 photo 0150FA8F-A771-4077-B474-DAB0E5BCA35B.jpg


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Dec. 4th, 2014 05:25 pm (UTC)
It is fun, the making of things. It is a favorite past time for me. You have to be in the moment, or so much can go wrong....It keeps me balanced, the craftiness of the world.
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