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taking the test and testing


So a friend who was at last weekends trial sent me this link and told me to take the test for Stella.
45 prey drive
70 pack drive
30 fight drive
15 flight drive

She said I have to work her in pack and prey drive with her and not elicit fight drive which is low and indicates she is not confident.
She said don't use a stern or gruff voice with her which puts her in defense mode

This is not always true though. She likes it when I am tugging with her and I am verbally gruff--it's like we are growling at each other.
Also on our Grand Prix run she ran off behind the tunnel she was supposed to go in---to make sure the dogs that were there before weren't now. And I was pretty gruff and scooted her out if there and into the tunnel and then she was suddenly in drive and did the fastest weave piles she's done in weeks.

I pretty much agree with the numbers but I'm not sure what all else to do with the numbers. Maybe I will have to buy the test designers book or find some articles on this.

Meanwhile our wild snd crazy puppy Razz licked off the DW40 I put on some bolts in some chains by the lake where I am negotiating to put a free dock some rich person is junking. I sprayed the stuff liberally... and a while later he went missing and of freakin course there he was with the scent of DW40 on his breath. An immediate call to the vet of course cause the label says don't induce vomiting if ingested... A watch and wait affair. But so far he seems ok. Then I came across s snake where the dogs like to poop in the morning and I put the dogs inside and got a stick and flung the snake away wZy out into the water and the thing swam back SO FAST like 20 mpg or something. And when I let the dogs out again who is sniffing all around where the snake had been and no doubt will return to???? The perfect toy. That Razz He's going to kill me if I don't somehow accidently kill him first with DW40 or sugar free gum or something else I forget that I had to call the vet over--oh yeah zyrteck overdose... I spilled a bottle. We had to make him throw up


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Oct. 16th, 2014 02:38 pm (UTC)
Is she sore?
Oct. 17th, 2014 03:02 pm (UTC)
No we've been to two chiros, David, had her full panel of blood work done. Eliminated the physical. It's her crazy brain. And I can not figure it out.
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