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razz status report

Banging the teeter so far is fine. Lets do this again! Again! At least so far doing it with Bronagh. Shutting cupboard doors is scary. Do I have to? I don't want to... I just remembered Silvia likes puppies to do a lot of that, hmmm I guess I waited too long. Popping balloons is almost a non-event. He chased one yesterday blowing across the field, caught it and pop. Hey! Where'd it go? Folk music with guitars and violins---ho hum. Umpah bands with bassoons and tubas and big drums---can we watch from a little farther away? Please?

Silvia stuff I need to remember to do:
1) Figuring out Razz's favorite games... but he seems to like to do everything.
2) Pivoting speedily in BOTH directions, not just the way thats easier for him
2a) pivoting to heel and side
3) Sitting up pretty---duration (and more control?)
4) capturing the frog
5) cross your paws
6) capture pee leg and then tipping, both side legs
7) hugging a pole/bottle/stuffy
8) actual figure eights through the legs, not just random happy mixed up ones
9) backwards figure 8s

enough for now...


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Sep. 22nd, 2014 01:03 pm (UTC)
He's a funny guy :)
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