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This way That way About It

So I have been feeling a little left behind. Reports from friends about trialling and Qs and titles and new friends and good times... I kinda dropped out, haven't been to agility classes for maybe three months now and Stella is really only just getting back to all normal physical activities. I never did finish my novel before the puppy came. I barely entered any trials this summer. I didn't particularly want to do long distances with the puppy and we have limited funds and I needed to be around as much as possible so B could really have this summer with Razzle.

So when people tell or post about their fabulous runs and Qs and titles and new venues... I have to remind myself that my goals were different for this summer. I mean I have never been all about the Q anyway and I go through periods of not even really feeling like going to a trial. I blew a few off this year that I had entered. Generally I think learning and training is more fun for me. Not always. I do like to compete. I do. But yeah. So this summer it is to be all about getting back to Classes and selective seminars we could afford. Learning the turns and building more team and Puppy puppy puppy and all the puppy.
 photo DECEEE40-C5D1-47AE-9F7C-680B4396BF7A.jpg

Razzle at ten weeks has crate manners and a sitstay and perch and a little pivot. His tug and give is good. His take and give with food or bully stick is good too and whoa it didn't start that way. He shows good self control over a fist and open hand full of treats. He can do what Silvia called "the flea" leap up in the air on cue. He has a gentle mouth with treats. His down is a work in progress as is his frog. His recall is sensational inside, backyard city and ct. We need to add distractions. I'd also like to do some restrained recalls. He will happily catch a soft hoop over his head. He will play with any toy we offer him. He walks so nicely on leash. He greAts strange people happily although little girls in dresses still worry him. He Rides quietly in the car. He is so curious about everything. A delight and heart meltingly cute.
 photo F54A45C2-7DE7-40DF-A024-ACCD8717E202.jpg

Stella is a little bewildered and I have to heal that. The tug we were rebuilding evaporated again. She's a little depressed I think. She is learning to play with him so sweetly and I do think she likes him. But she is having to adjust to it not being all about her. And she is a dog who likes her routines and rituals... I'm wondering how this will shake out when we try to go back to classes this week. Whether we will have even more stress to work through to find team.

I'll try to add some photos in a bit.



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Jul. 8th, 2014 09:34 am (UTC)
You give Stella a big Australian hug from me :) She will be just fine, she's a great dog. Razzle certainly sounds like he's learning quickly
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