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Razz and Stell

Yesterday Razzle attended his first agility trial at Sugarbush (he loved being among all those very exciting dogs) and also experienced his first hose spritzing (that I know of tho very likely Jan exposed the pups to that too!) and the main reason we went: had a grand family tumble and biteyface reunion with his beautiful brother Gambit and stunning sister Phoenix!! It was so cool to see it dawn on them suddenly--glint in the eye recognition!! Wheeee!!!

Bronagh had a great steeplechase Q run with Stella who was a little stressed at first but B hung in there and Stel rallied and poured on the speed to make up for the first set of weaves and the last set were in fire!! The reactive dog that fried Stell the last to
E they ran together was there, but we were proactive.
The day got even hotter so in the final run when Stell popped out of the weaves on the tenth pole and was pokey shutting down B made the right decision and just went on without worrying it and it was a glorious happy finish. I attempted snooker--it was a really weird one--and got an off course before the third red. Had a party and left the ring. I really do want her to grab jumps more so yeah reason for a party. We were in so not very competitive mode. Really just there for the pup reunion and B to meet the pups and peeps.
Razzle is going everywhere with us. Our four page puppy class check list for socialization is just about full now. And he's doing great!! Just fantastic. Easy boy! Likes his xpen and now also his crate, is an excellent traveler and is making headway with playing with Stella--they are figuring it out.
I'll get some pictures up a little later.
upload fail---flickr and LJ not talking again it seems


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Jul. 2nd, 2014 08:23 pm (UTC)
Razz and Stella are going to be good friends soon. Razzle is such a well socialized pup!
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