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Still waiting for at least teaguestoy to come thru on her promise to add input to the training skedding or nonskedding survey and then I will figure out what's next with all your generous info. But before another day goes by big thankyou!!!! To all who had something to say. You guys are so great here on LJ.

If anyone has anything to add I think it's here:

Puppy news or not quite puppy news at all later...



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Apr. 17th, 2014 04:25 pm (UTC)
As far as plans go. I think the very FIRST step you have to take is to determine if you're the type of person for whom a set schedule/plan and choreographed approach works. This is easier to type than to decide. I KNOW that I love schedules and guidelines, but I like to FOLLOW them, not to determine them. Does that make sense. I want my work to tell me when to come in and leave, I don't want to make that stuff up for myself.

Normally when I practice agility I see what's available in the barn (I"m not moving A-frames by myself!) and then think back to what we messed up in class that week. I'll try to set up things that recreate that and work on them. I won't remember what we messed up 2-3 weeks ago. ;)

As for puppy news .... .NEWS!!! bring it!

You know Brighty pants is probably getting knocked up AS I TYPE! ;)
Apr. 17th, 2014 05:53 pm (UTC)
I did it!!!! REally, it's there.

Plans are interesting things - I start out very "I'm going to do this thing!" and then, mehhhh, after a week or two, not so much. My mother said something to me the other day that I'm still pondering. She said that it seems like I do something (in agility, I think) for about 6 months and then seem to stop or do try something else. I asked for examples but she coldn't think of any. I am interested in thinking this through, because it could be useful in figuring out my patterns.

I know that I was a GD handler in that system for YEARS so that was way more than 6 months. I'm wondering if she means contact methods.... I'm just not sure, but given that it's created thought and not just annoyance, I think it's probably worth playing with mentally.
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