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See is for Control

So far still no barking-lunging episodes on leash or even thinking about it. Ahead of the game yep. Gonna stay there.
I'm thinking of asking Judy if I can have Stella in the ring when another dog is running. Of course there are at least two and sometimes four reactive dogs in that class besides Stell so hmmmmm. Depends on who shows.

I'm sitting in Pearl waiting for alternate side street parking to end. I'm wet and muddy from off leash the heat is blasting and I'm listening to the news for the next 20 minutes or so. Pearl has a new very expensive clutch. The mechanic says clutch kaputness is driver failure. He's never had to replace a clutch in any if his cars. My theory is it's the husbands bad back and he doesn't get the pedal to the floor. This is our second new clutch.



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Apr. 8th, 2014 02:40 pm (UTC)
two words
auto matic
Apr. 9th, 2014 05:02 am (UTC)
Move the seat up a little closer?
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