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Vergina Schadenfreude - OMG

she seems to be taking the agility world by storm right now with her OMG jump and turn and merrygoround... uploaded her video 8 hours ago and joined FB two hours ago, 99 friends already - her vid is viral... a total yute hoot. fun girl, cool dog

why go forwards when you can go backwards

i like my dog not to know where he is going until he thinks i know where he is going

merrygoround: double the information for the dog double the fun

oh consistency is very boring, i never do the same thing twice, i like to change up my hair color and my outfits a lot because i like the dog to get different information thinking its being run by different handlers

i don't like i connection i feel like he could see through my soul, see how i train my dog to look away from me

southern california humor?