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that thing i was talking about yesterday?

I learned today (actually I knew but forgot) the move in Judy's class that seemed so terrifyingly complicated yesterday but actually turned out to be ten pieces of cake, is called a Flip. After the jump you flip from one side to the other... whether you do a FX or RX before the jump doesn't matter, but the part where you pick the dog up as it lands is an FX and then BlindX to the other side, thats the Flip part. Helpful and fast in discriminations... Soshana put another one on our course in class today. Because I was asking about it, we ended up spending almost the whole class working on it and then with just a few minutes of class left had to run the whole course without going back to fix or work any little bits out. Just had to keep going.

The Flip

The course with the Flip in it (videographer didn't know she had to focus--so the reason we are blurry is not because we were moving THAT fast, but you can sorta see)  I really really really wanted to get the lap turn, but flubbed it and had to keep going... I also flubbed the jaacko after the second DW... but I got the Jaacko before the teeter and our threadle wasn't too shabby... she got her weaves entrance and our opening felt good... see I'm trying to be positive. Soshana mentioned that we should feel better about our stuff otherwise the hypercritical down on yourself stuff becomes part of your personality... ok something to think about