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This is where we are stuck

Rolling herself up in a towel or blanket has been a long work in progress...

and we aren't even close...

She's getting a little duration on holding the towel or blanket in her mouth.
She even pulls on it pretty confidently.
So, I try to click for weight shifts, like when she has the  blanket in her mouth and shifts from one hip to the other
But, rolling over with it is not happening.
She knows how to roll over, but not with the towel in her mouth.
Holding the towel in her mouth and rolling with it just doesn't occur to her, they are separate things.
I did, in one session, just have her do some tugging on the towel and then asking her to roll over, or go hide... thinking maybe she needed a little help putting it together. But, no, they are too separate for her.
And I should have started clicker training when she was a pup. But I didn't know anything about it.



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Jan. 26th, 2014 02:08 am (UTC)
Suggest it to her:)
When she is holding the blanket, cue her to rollover. She will likely drop it and roll over, that's ok click & treat anyway. Do that a bunch of times until she is anticipating you are going to ask for the rollover, let her drop it for now while she rolls. Once she is readily grabbing towel and rolling over after, wait for her to grab the blanket again after her rollover to click, basically bookend the rollover with blanket grabs. For Emily this gave her the idea to think about rolling while she was still holding the blanket and quickly trying to get the blanket again, that created her hold, then I held out for quality of hold...
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