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...but alas again I am going to bed NOW and not waiting for the upload... sorry, hope it works it was a long long day... it started with the annual Holiday party with Judy's class and then went on to be all about making room in the garage and the arrival of the big truck and heavy boxes and furniture and lifting and carrying---my brother's stuff and more triage. almost there.

oh wait other people have video of the same Brooklyn neighborhood on youtube up already... I'll post this one (warning, i did not preview it) just incase mine doesn't go again... i know, cheating. but really I'm just going to bed now... thats ALL ALL ALL that matters. (i think the problem is my compy goes to sleep when i do)



Dec. 31st, 2013 04:29 pm (UTC)
Re: nightmares
hahaha, I don't know... I don't think I heard you say that (but my headphones weren't up all the way). Maybe it was subliminal??