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pink cones green cones

Class started today with Walk the Pink Cones... Just 11 obstacles. But there was a serp just after the opening that looked piece of cake except had hazards that required running backwards and using the Other Hand. There was a send to a blind tunnel entrance. A couple of blind crosses. And ended on a major haul ass to push to the back of a straight-on jump

Then Walk the Green Cones. 20 obstacles. Only running 14 though, but walk them all because if we aced those 14 would we get to run all of them... Except when the first person in class aced it, it turned out that "all of them" actually included also the first sequence of 11, so suddenly now 31 obstacles. It was brilliant. Because we all went a little into panic mode, our heads had just been deep into just the new 20 and had essentially deleted the first 11... I don't know physiologically why, but It was almost like being at a trial, the adrenaline, the brain a little rattled, ahhhhhhhh what was the course? how exactly did i handle that? and how am I going to handle obstacles 12-13 without that lead out I did when it was obstacle 1-2?

My Notes for what I gotta work on:
learn to keep my hands low
work on continuing to support the send with my arm and shoulders as I move outta there with my feet

No class next week: Soshana is in CA at the ONEMIND seminars again

Stell  was brilliant. but she seems like her back is sore, she moves ok, but she won't do a full stretch bow. always part of our warm up. she does a half a curtsey or a full down but something keeps her from keeping her butt up and stretching her back ... massage and heat, maybe medicam????