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The Happy Box

Are any of you guys friends with Frankie on FB--she posted this link from psychology today... About your dog and the direction of your emotions.



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Nov. 29th, 2013 07:32 am (UTC)
In my effort to help Matilda with her reactivity to dogs we meet on our walks in our neighborhood, I give her treats as we pass other dogs. Earlier this week we came up behind a man walking two little white poodle type dogs on the other side of the street. Matilda became tense but didn't bark. She took the treats with a pretty toothy mouth. Then the little dogs noticed us and began to bark. The man looked around and spoke to me. I spoke back. I recognized him as someone I often see without his dogs when I pass his house. Anyway after our exchange Matilda relaxed. She had a soft mouth as she continued to accept treats.

Just like the box. My attitude toward the man colored Tilda's feeling about the dogs. They must be safe.
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