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Squirrel and Spire

I'm sure someone was just trying to poison the rats--we just had a rat the other day--but this poor little guy must have gotten into the rat poison He was hemorrhaging on the sidewalk near the subway yesterday. I'm glad Stella was not with me.

And so ok it IS Christmas. I don't care this year about the decorations going up before thanksgiving. I'm needing some serving up of Christmas magic and spirit with my thanks.



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Nov. 26th, 2013 07:41 pm (UTC)
I'm going to try to be "more Christmas" this year...
My job is not helpful. I had to enter about 200 events prior to Oct. 12... which can make you hate christmas pretty damn quick.
But that's over now, and Allison will come home soon (she hates Christmas too). So I'm going to try, to like it, more... and have some holiday spirit. A good dusting of snow would help! ;)

p.s. I hear puppies help too. Last year we got Fries on Christmas eve! that will put the AWWWW in HAWWWWliday.
Nov. 26th, 2013 07:47 pm (UTC)
I'm loving the early lights this year too. I don't actually even much celebrate christmas, but I do mark the solstice, and respect my need for extra light and cheer this time of year.

Poor little squirrel. :(
Nov. 27th, 2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
I used to have lots of Christmas activities at school. Now, not too much. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you for celebrating.
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