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Everyone else is posting/linking total or near total success. One kept in some of her bloopers, but then, well ultimately got all the exercises exquisitely. I'd hoped to get #1 and maybe even #2...  Seeing as we don't know from distance and don't love poles I did the set up using short tunnels and fewer poles---but ha! Stel didn't even notice there were weaves out there so waaaaaaaaaaaay far away from me for a while. I had to go in there to support a lot to help her. Get some good reward to her after the weaves for her to look at them next time with all those tunnels. She was excited by the set up anyway when she first came out... in and out of all the tunnels whoopee!! And well, we finally did get Challege #1, basically. At least I will call it a We Got It. I never got to be totally in the green Handler Stays Behing The Line area, but right in front of it a couple of times>>>yay us!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder? eh.
I probably should have done our Joy Weaving first instead of after... oooooh next time...

(video is coming... youtube is being a pill)

I know I know I know---WHAT AM I DOING??? I'm crazy. right?
(but wowsa, thats a lot of repetitions in one whole morning session for a doodle to stay relatively happy about--and only run off once to the gate and even then only half-heartedly)


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Nov. 16th, 2013 10:25 pm (UTC)
Yay!!! You did get it. That was really hard. And Yay Stella for sticking with you and working the challenge over and over.
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