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good kid

the only time in life i have that empty nest thing is on halloween... it has always been the big family holiday for us with deciding what to be and searching out the right material and inventing a pattern and solving various costume problems and sewing on deadline and then that magic moment when they get to try it on and its perfect and our neighborhood is HUGE on trick o treating and there is a HUGE neighborhood parade that you can watch for awhile and then jump in... its great... last year i was just so bereft on halloween, i mean i handed out candy and all, went down to the parade, but it just felt so empty nest.
so this year, things being as they are, the firstborn was a sweetheart, squeezed me into her life. she came home with a friend to hand out candy with me for a couple of hours before going off to her other halloween events... she's been doing halloween parties now for a week... beginning with some zombie party and then she was Waldo's girlfriend, handing out Have You Seen This Man? posters to everyone... and yesterday (because it was basically the kind of thing she could wear to work) she decided to be Wednesday from the Adams family, only because Halloween fell on a Thursday she she decided to be Wednesday a day late--Thursday so I dove into our dress up closet and went with her on that Adams theme and was Lessticia, Morticia's sister...

couldn't convince the husband to be Thing, so I wore thing in my hair... a hair thing