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biggmellon was right. About plateauing and then switching it up. Last night all I did was hit a different button on the elliptical--this one instead of the "random" workout button and the old body was like wha?? And plateau was broke thru. Ha! I'm going to have some fun with this hoodwinking

In other news... But kind of on the same subject of overweightness and health, the courts here yesterday knocked down our mayors controversial attempt to outlaw large sugary drinks. Apparently it really is still important to be able to make choices. Bad and good. But the whole hubbub over it in the afternoon made me think about root beer floats


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Mar. 12th, 2013 02:56 pm (UTC)
mmmmmmmm Root beer floats~!

I had one on Tammy's b-day. Because, I'm a rebel like that.hhahahaha
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