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Feb. 4th, 2013

Is this dog cute or what?

Notes to self:
1) when you tell yourself as you are walking the non-traditional jackpot course that on this course where there are three possible gambles... if she doesn't get the hard one first right away, go in, move on, don't waste time trying again, just go get the easier one and get your points and get out.... really you must listen to yourself. you must NOT when the actual time comes, ignore yourself and your good advice.

2) if you care or it really matters to you, never assume again that the last run of the day has no judging/recording inaccuracies that you may need to dispute before the judge and everyone else, including you, leaves the trial site, because you know your run was clean 

3) get in better shape so you can run faster, because on those flying straight-aways, she's going to either grab the next best thing and it might not be the right thing or she's going to curl back to you and miss something...

4) go back to classes, because you can't expect to have a high Q-rate if you are flying by the seat of your wild-ass pants having not taken but one class in three months... because somehow without practice you seem to forget EVERYTHING you have learned

5) try not to take it to heart the third and fourth time the judge makes fun of you... especially since a couple years ago when everyone at a trial was kind of way too extreme making fun of him you went out of your way ever since to be good people to him

6) work on SMOOTHE COOLE non shouting herby-jerky threadles... 

7) be really happy she got ALL her contacts all weekend long

8) oh oh oh - and when you make a note to yourself (but don't actually right it down) after some other trial weekend to remember to NOT to strategize a Fullhouse course with a line of obstacles anywhere near the finish Table which will end your run and point gathering, try try try please try to remember she is now a table magnet now for some reason she never used to be... design all your courses away from the table until you plan to end your run. ok?

9) the homemade-after-her-run jackpot treats you made that were inspired by the Clean Run article with info on the kinds of foods sports dogs need generally and before and after runs---really seemed to give her extra energy right on through to the end of the second day of the trial which is when she usually is dragging and asking to just get in the car and go home. This time she was like - Yeah!!! Lets do this some more!!!!

ground chicken, blackstrap molasses, broccoli, sweet potato with skin, apple with skin, carrot, almond flour, eggs with shells... i think thats it--looks like this before it goes in the oven




i'm gonna come back and fill these in later today...

MEANWHILE: Stella got our last measly and elusive Wildcard leg for her entire Level 4 Title... so now we're all in 5!!! yeehaw! 

it snowed a little too...


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Feb. 4th, 2013 04:53 pm (UTC)
Meatloaf! you made your dog meatloaf for a reward. Well of COURSE that worked! hahahaha. Looks like something ANY dog would run for!

Feb. 4th, 2013 05:33 pm (UTC)
yeah, i've made something like it for her before... but this time because of the article I used chicken instead of beef, for some reason chicken is better. I added more fruits and vegetables. and instead of corn meal, used the almond stuff... it wasn't actually flour, but something like that... anyhow, that article was thick, or really I am thick and the article was hard to translate into real life food recipes... i did my best
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