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This is the stuff we've been giving Stella for a couple of years for hips and joints mixed in her raw and fringe benefit, not yellow grass spots... we also give her salmon oil daily and I recently started Trixin at the advice of a holistic-ish vet and, on a tip from MEB, Supreme Top Formula (I've started taking it too) alternately... any thoughts? 

I've heard people say too these kinds of things are more potent if you give the dogs breaks from the dosage every once in a while...

also, to report that I played tug with Stel in the park yesterday afternoon... it makes her nervous to tug around other dogs, kids playing, anything unpredictable going on... it was a BIG success, so i plan to do more of this. For some reason then, for the rest of the day, she had to lie at my feet wherever I was, room to room whether I was writing or peeing or doing laundry...