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odds and ends

The tree frogs concert is positively glorious wild tonight, punctuated by the random bullfrog

Discovered on tonight's walk that someone has pushed down the fence I put up in poisonivyland by the water... not looking forward to fixing it now that everything has leafed out

there was snapping turtle roadkill

Also in class discovered Stella moves faster (gets a jolt of energy) when praised really well while running... I don't do it anywhere near enough---one of the lazy side effects of food rewards I think... and i had a hard time getting her to be interested in her favorite toy

Stella blew her DW contacts this morning several times, nailed them at home later (i did a couple test runs cause i was worried she'd forgotten everything)  then also to em tonight at Paws... I'm thinking that this morning one of the slats was half broken off and where it was gone was dark, so it could look like a hole, where she might not want to get her toes caught? so leap it baby?

got Stella adjusted again today between classes... vet says she's good, just normal stuff, a rib, two vertebra needing adjustment, the rest of her pretty good, no sign at all--knock wood--of the illiopsoas strain now

There were tornado warnings last night, but just a lotta wind and thunderstorms happened... never lost power... tonight more thunderstorms are on the agenda. The air is hanging like a wet towel.


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May. 31st, 2012 02:26 am (UTC)
I think about that, too, that I need to praise more on course.
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