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last week...

I suck at threadles. Serps we got. But threadles undo us.

Stella and I went back to classes last week, although we didn't do everything, and then I was in Chicago for a couple of days to see B's play and then much faster than the PT advised  we went to a trial over the weekend in Chester, CT. We got permission from the PT but he was not his happiest. 

And folks, two months out of the game and we are rusty.

Saturday: up at 3:30am and drive three hours... Three Qs out of five and they were not pretty Qs... My favorite NQ was the second run, standard, where Stella discovered the scent of chicken at the start line and could not get her nose out of the grass at OK! and when I went back closer to get her freakin attention I SAW the piece of chicken next to her and I yelled to the peeps at the table there was a piece of chicken at the start line and no one said anything so I picked it up and chucked it behind Stella at the fence and finally got her to move from the spot and because she was still not paying attention she knocked that first bar and then suddenly Hey Wait! decided to go back to look for the chicken I pitched, back jumped the first jump and nosing all over the ground again. Ok I should have quit. I didn't and it went down hill from there...

Without going through a play by play for all the runs I will just say that her RDW needs to get back up to speed again. We definitely are not picking up where we left off. After two misses I tried to think what would help her get it, what do I do in practice that I wasn't doing at trial and what I remembered was----eye contact. In practice I ALWAYS look back at her and I look right into her eyes when I am giving the walkitwalkitwalkit cue... so on the third course with a DW, I tried it, paused to look back, got eye contact, cued her and she gave me a BRILLIANT RDW, nice even running all the way. So I am proud of myself for figuring that out.

One Q (Fullhouse) was Third Place... somewhat baffling. we were pretty consistantly sloppy out there.

That night we slept in the car... there was Pearl the station wagon covered with one of those silver blankets for privacy and dwarfed in the midst of all those big luxurious hulking RVs... with us cozy inside (backseats down so we could stretch full out in the trunk) Stell in her crate and me in my sleeping bag on S's college room sleeproll, although when I came back from brushing my teeth, Stell was in my sleeping bag. Oh Stell. I had to put her back, but next time I might just bring her big fuzzy sheepskin bed. Anyway, I read a few chapters of the 2nd Hunger Games book by flashlight and crashed early.
In the morning I plugged in my coffee maker loaded with starbucks expresso and things were looking better...

So yes, four Qs out of five on Sunday. Two blues, one red, one yellow. Ribbons. So much better.

But still rusty. Her weaves were funky, probably still a little sore... And, our 2nd place standard Q even included Stella's mid-run dash over to yell at the ringside photographer wearing head to toe camo, how dare he!
I am pretty sure the 1st place Snooker Q was my first ever Snooker Q, I can only remember so much snooker fail---I believe it was all B who got her through Level 1 and 2 in Snooker... so there's that. The other first place Q was Jumpers---smokin' jumpers.

Thankfully though, no video.

and the ear infection while a whole lot better---continues... got a different med today, anyone ever hear of Posatex?


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Apr. 23rd, 2012 06:32 pm (UTC)
I have agility car camped exactly one time. It actually worked out AWESOME! but I had Bajor to set up next to and she's got a trailer with actual running hot water and all that good stuff! What I loved about it was just getting up in the morning and wandering around the site with my dogs in no particular hurry. How novel!

I'm glad Stel is feeling better, tho the ear thing is worrisome no? Rust is to be expected. Don't you think?
Apr. 23rd, 2012 07:31 pm (UTC)
well, there was real bathrooms at the site... and I had my granola and milk and fruit but, the food vender had awesome breakfast burritos... and I too loved that quiet before the trial site wakes up, strolling all the time in the world, I guess I like camping, its something B always used to get me to do and I always resisted but then always loved doing it when we did... oh and but I didn't expect we'd be THAT rusty... and yes the ear thing IS worrying me
Apr. 24th, 2012 11:26 am (UTC)
"I have agility car camped exactly one time"

Are you serious? You are missing out sister.

I suppose it must be the 'no dogs inside at accomodation' thing in Australia. So we are forced to camp to love our dogs. Interesting. Sorry. Got totally sidetracked there

Apr. 24th, 2012 01:56 pm (UTC)
its the self-sufficiency thing and the peaceful misty morning and hippie? novelty... but I couldn't do it without my coffee maker and starbucks expresso turkish ground---essential. I even have a really excellent solar flashlight!
Apr. 24th, 2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
that is totally spot on. It's not big problem to find a hotel in most towns and cities (yeah, even tiny towns) that will allow dogs. Most of them charge EXTRA (asshats) but they do allow it.
If they didn't... wow, Yeah, I'd have to buy me a Vince and outfit it really good.
The Element isn't a BAD car to camp in. But it basically only fits one good-sized human and two medium dogs. After that... you start spilling out the sides.

This is not me, nor my dogs, but it's a woman and her Whippet, camping in an element.. yeah, a bit cramped

Apr. 24th, 2012 11:29 am (UTC)
Great news with the last RDW! yay!

And I think you get extra-bonus-agility-heaven-points for threadling with a big dog. I know it isn't impossible but the 'air time' thing with the big guys makes it a super accurate timing thing don't you think?
Apr. 24th, 2012 01:59 pm (UTC)
when she sees them jumps in a line she's all about looking at the next jump and not me... she loves her some flying serp, she just glides throu em... threadle? well, hmmm, all about sudden bending and brakes, we'll have to find something to love about them I guess
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