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We can't go to off leash because it drives Stell crazy not to be able to run with her buddies, so we go after all the dogs have gone and we don't go straight up and down hills, but we do a little inclining...

there were these moms in the park jogging up the hill and then back down to their babies in the strollers and then up and down quite a few times

Jogging up and down hills is a good thing for me to do with Stell eventually, good for both of us... but in the meanwhile we exercised Stell's nose, I let her stop to smell the coffee everywhere we went... check out the roots around this tree, Stell found them pretty interesting, probably smelled of a special squirrel blend

one of the hazards of going for our walk after off leash, is that the squirrels seem to know when dogtime ends squirreltime begins... I just miraculously managed to keep her busy every time I spotted one and whew! she never clocked 'em

we found some good trees for zig&zag training when Stella is feeling better... I always was jealous of the trees in Silvia's kik&cap video to train on... but these trees will do just fine, can't wait, Stell will love working zig&zag in the park

also, when i was in walmart a couple days ago i saw the easterbunny assigned to U Chicago was getting ready...