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mmmmmmmmm mmm

yup---thats FIVE AND ALMOST A HALF MINUTES of licking her lips... very low impact training  (i know i know, i miss two good ones right in the beginning)   now everywhere we go I look over at her and she looks at me and she is licking her lips...

Target was very low impact too... she basically had to hangout under the Target that was on the wall, sometimes lying down, sometimes sitting, she did a couple say pleases, but mostly just being herself and the only issue was when they wanted her to lie down facing the camera she wanted to face the target just to make sure it wasn't something she should worry about. Sometimes she was leashed to it sometimes not... She did freak a little bit when they started moving a wall behind her, but got composure again. Really a pro. I mean it was a totally weird situation she'd never been in before with flashes and people doing stuff everywhere all around the studio. The hardest thing she had to do was this little sequence of walk onto the set, stop in front of the target, sit, speak, and run off... they booked us for four hours and we got it all done in one. They seemed to like her---who knows. Its a big campaign with lots of different animals. Pigeons were right before us. Print and film, billboards in Chicago and LA---so thats nice, if B might catch sight of her and matildasmom can look for her in LA... Whatever, just a little low impact adventure. She could still end up on the cutting room floor. Hopefully it will cover her vet bills and PT...

I love when her coat is all squiggly tendrilly like this... and at the moment it is soooooo soft.

here she is in a curlicue herself... she's sniffing her own butt which I don't know does anyone else's dog do this? she does it quite alot