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scary movie dws and a snow day

I seem to be living in CT more than Bklyn these days because of Stella's contacts training... anyway, here's the update on that eeeeeevil DW... at the private lesson yesterday we set it up low first, got her to walk over it, turn around on it, jump off, and she was so ginger, nose to it... I think the issue is it creeks... creeks like doors opening slowly in a scary movie... so instead of having her listen to how it creeks I got real loud and jovial, told her how wow she was---you know, look at YOU, goooooood girl as she went across it and this helped, brought her head up like oh yes Look at me, I'm doing this!
and then we got her to run it, first she only gave running on the down ramp and then a little higher, then from the middle... better each time. Took a break and worked on me - on a little nine obstacle sequence that had obvious rear crosses in it but I was not allowed to rear cross, so it was all about me MOOOOOVING, me going where I needed to go and then getting to where I needed to get in those situations where I don't think I am going to... great session... then back to the DW, put it back up to full height and again, better and better each time and we stopped on a really good run---not as great as at home, but considering it spooks her, it WAS great.

In case you missed it, we had our second day of winter this winter... Stella got me up at 5:30 am either because she wanted to talk to the coyotes again or because she knew it had snowed overnight...