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so this is MEB's upload (I'm a subscriber) yesterday and that new building in PA looks really GREAT, even toasty (considering how cold it is there) and of course Judy's course's look like a lotta fun to run----she always comes up with great challenges in her classes--a real thinker... this places is about two and a half hours away, doable... 
the old building there in PA (been there this once) is where B and I had our last trial together over xmas, where we went to get our sorely needed last snooker Q and where I am convinced and when B lost the battle and came down with mono because it was so friggen cold and damp and we had to get up so early to get there... after her Fullhouse run we bailed early and came home... she'd been complaining of being tired for weeks...
we all (Finn and Stella too) FB video-chatted with B last night, she's hilarious to v-chat with, very medium savvy, she plays us her new favorite music and gives us visuals, stuff, stuff in her room and FB messages us links so we chat about stuff she's looking at, thinking about... the sisters played with the camera, plastic toy visuals up close--you had to be there I think, made us all laugh...  really using the medium and our visit was over an hour and while we were on she watched our last family-made jump-on-me video which got her laughing (great to see) and then suddenly I could see it was making her homesick... like she might breakdown and she said, "I haven't seen Stella in so long..." 
I love my family


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Jan. 23rd, 2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
How great that you can do these video visits.
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