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i need a whole staff for this trick

ok ok ok so i need a technical person too, a videographer---obviously... but this is what we got this morning before the husband went to work... I start with the bucket and then me alone and then enlist the husband....

last night, she wouldn't jump onto me, only perch, and then she got all whimpery... so the husband got on all fours, what a guy, and she jumped right up and so we tried me again and it went a little better (of course no video then)  but we're still struggling so I'm open to suggestions... you don't need tell me to make my back flatter, I can see that---what was I thinking?

so... this is all prep work for jump-on-to-my-feet-that-are-up-in-the-air trick that who knows how close we will get, but its the process thats fun for me

anyhow, Next time I'll try to get the actual dog in the video... sheesh


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Jan. 20th, 2012 09:40 pm (UTC)
Cat Litter bucket. How appropriate.
I actually use the EXACT container for Razor's dog food. Don't tell him it once contained cat poop holders.
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