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winter jacket

It snowed the night before last here, snow and ice storm, and it took several large pots of water to de-ice our DW... a pain in the butt. So I've made a winter jacket for it... I need to get some more long bungie cords though so its easier to undo when we want to use it, because now its a combination of bungies and rope and the knots will be harder to undo when they get wet and freeze. 

the wind really whips through here in the winter so I put weights on top too for insurance

by the afternoon almost all the snow and ice had melted in our yard... not so in our "good neighbor"'s yard, strangely it was still all ice and snow wintery and that made me think of that Oscar Wilde fairytale...The Selfish Giant 


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Dec. 12th, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
Good idea putting on the winter jacket.
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