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screen dog musings... and slide show

Quite a while ago I was in a pet food store in The Village and I heard this young woman kevetching about how she'd auditioned for a part and happened to bring her small dog along, you know, a purse dog, and yay she got a call back but the call back was... for her dog. Funny. But it got me to thinking about Stella, you know, our star, why not, she could pay some of her own bills and a couple of years ago Frankie hooked me up with an animal agent... who after a few months, called once when I had just come from the dentist and my mouth wasn't working and I wasn't thinking fast enough and I didn't have my datebook and I guess I didn't just say yes we can be there whenever whatever (and I know from family being in the business over the years you do have to move fast) because then... they didn't call again for another year and a half and this time I said sure, yes, absolutely, three days work in Westchester, great we can do that and sent also an updated vid of her doing tricks with B to show the client... but it turned out the client wanted a lighter dog.

My kid just sent me this link to a fluff piece about dog breeds that make the best actors and thought I'd pass it on because it was fun to see the accompanying slide show and remember some of these dog actors we have seen over the years...