February 17th, 2012

me in doghat

GOOD is the word for the day

I'm having this for tenzears (there was fruit salad still leftover from valentines day breakfast and it seemed like the only non-wasteful thing to do this morning)

and when I got to my first PT session for my neck today the therapist asked me what I'd had for breakfast, which I don't know what that had to do with anything and he certainly was not a smalltalk kind of guy, but when I told him fruitshake he said, Oh good.

anyway on the way to the subway to go to the PT in the city there were all these signs tacked up on posts and trees all along the route... does anyone watch The Good Wife... matildasmom recommended it to us and we've all been kind of hooked
movies and TV are always shooting around here... anyway, I caught the train in, actually two trains...

and then this is the picture below that I sent B... I've been texting her pictures and asking her to guess where I am... fun little game. she got it right away... anyone else know?

and this was wednesday's picture for B... matildasmom you recognize? B was stumped

anyway---PT this morning went GREAT and almost immediately I have less pain and more neck mobility... He says 90% of his neck clients are a result of sitting at a computer... after next week, I'm supposed to go twice a week... he gave me stretch exercises and after heat, he used these like tuning fork kind of beautiful smooth curvy pieces of metal to do a special kind of deep massage I can't remember the name of right this second... there were these football guys in there being tortured while my PT worked on me