dinahprincedaly (dinahprincedaly) wrote,

ok, i'll play: what's my dog's cookie?

It's Susan G's (free for now) " Brilliant Recall Webinar " that she's starting today

You watch her 20 minute video and then
Her first homework assignment is to answer: What's your dog's cookie?

(So of course ideally YOU want to be at the top of your dog's list? you want to be your dog's cookie?  but if you aren't quite perfectly there I'm guessing these lists she wants you to make are a first step to being there? Ok, Stell is pretty good, but no, not 100% every time, I have had a couple good scares when I needed her to come and I got a delayed recall, so yeah, I'm interested)

She asks you to make a list of all and every possible reinforcement out there--an "All-encompassing List" divided into three parts: FOOD, TOYS, ACTIVITIES... She wants you to include even those things maybe your dog doesn't even know about yet that you may have just seen other people use in training

Make a list of all the food used in training
All foods your dog adores
All foods your dog will eat but maybe not even likes

list of all toys
all things they like to play with
or other toys other dogs like to play with
(even things that are not toys as such but your dog likes to play with them - like water, snow, and a rock she uses as examples of things her dogs have loved)

list of all the activities dog may find reinforcing
what they love to do including all naughty activities
whatever gets your dog's tail wagging

Then, them rank 'em all into these levels

dog will take or want any time any place

dog likes most of time but not all time

take em only certain ideal conditions

take once in a while, rarely

not rewarding for dog at all, dog doesn't like em

Rank to know where The Value is

Tomorrow is Susan's webinar part 2: establishing the value for you

(I'm going to do this exercise, I think its worth writing all that down, but I gotta do some other things first)
Tags: brilliant recall webinar, cookies, dog training, susan garrett

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