dinahprincedaly (dinahprincedaly) wrote,

a night at the lakehouse

I don't remember putting those acorns in there. Did you put those acorns in this drawer? Oh man, the meeces have been busy getting ready to move into their winter diggs.

If Lo and Finn don't catch whoever did this tonight I'm gonna be pissed.

They are definitely on the job... got both directions covered

Stella would be thrilled if she could just chase her beloved silly-rubber-chicken all night... which is why the drawer with the winter stash got opened to look for the blinkers... which weren't there.

Hmmmmm where did those meeces put them?

Meanwhile, I took notice as we played fetch which lead she preferred as she ran out and back (wondering whether Stell is a lefty or righty because more often than not left turns are harder for me to cue with success) and it turns out she switches all the time... so its more than likely me that can't cue left turns like I should.

The animals love it at the lake.
Tags: cats, cue turns over jump, lakehouse, leads, lo and finn, mice, silly-rubber-chicken

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