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There is a Native American parable about a grandfather who says, I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is the vengeful, angry one. The other wolf is the loving, compassionate one." When asked which wolf will win the fight in his heart, the old man replies, "The one I feed."

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we are building a wall... jump

Do you remember these cardboard building blocks as a kid? we filled the bottom row blocks with baggies of sand and glued them to a plank... they are all glued together up to this level and we are working on three lighter rows as well as the end towers we bought some spray sealant. I think tiny tabs of velcro that can be knocked apart to attach the towers to the center too... we've worked on it more since these photos and its looking really good...

The wall in progress

Our WIP DIY wall jump
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getting it, getting it done, and laughing

I feel like I can't find all the things I put in safe places so I would be sure to have them for our Finland trip :/ like my special light weight training notebook and the outlet adapter plugs and the emergency kit tweezers and small powerful flashlight... but as soon as I find those things pretty much all that's left to do is dye my hair blue. Oh and pull stuff off my phone onto the externL hardrive so I can take lots of photos :)

I have a couple of seminar vids I've been meaning to make. I did get the Minna Martimo Seminar vid done today. I loved this one. If you ever have the opportunity, absolutely do one of her seminars. She is the OMD coach whose big thing is the mentals. She started our day with some mentals and having us all do our "power poses." Telling us how to sneak the power poses in at the beginning of a run so no one noticed... She is a hoot. So funny and smart and this day was perfect for me and Razz. She made it all seem so simple and possible and fun---so much laughing.

Minna Martimo Seminar April 2017 from Dinah Daly on Vimeo.

(I'll embed the vid tomorrow.. can't do it on my phone and I'm off to dreamland now)
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Working on rear crossing the poles or pole dancing

I did all the handling trainings in Silvia's foundations classes... and then sorta forgot to keep practicing and testing and making it harder and harder on my own... so yep, in particular my rear crossings on the poles got rusty...
So I was happy to be able to work on some of these again in the last lesson of Silvia's Xtreme Foundations class... wish the weather and time had been better to do more in that class (there was so much material) but the CT yard was mostly a mud snow or ice disaster area... for this POLES session I had to work in our driveway (the mUd was treacherous) in the area we pretty much are letting overgrow with grass/weeds so the agility area gets extended :)

And below are some rear cross weave entries from the recent Timo seminar...
the first entry so FANCY! so very POLE DANCING!!!
But the second one I am so proud of

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I think I have to stay

I can't bear facing this dissolving. Mass exiting. happening so fast.

This place is, has been, so actual a place I can go. Come in out of the rain. I can't put into words the magic of it, the traveling to you, the stories of your lives, the love and tether I feel. And I know I have taken it for granted lately, sure that it would always be here... this place made up of people from across everywhere that so many times make a world of difference for me... small but huge, with all everyone's rough edges and good humor and brilliant suggestions and wit and how many times I have felt rescued, been given a hand and I am just so very sad and ok, worried about my sanity.

So for now I am here. I think goodbyes are stupid. Maybe I'll start posting every day.

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The Contest Prize: bag o' treats

Up Until 10pm EST tonight B could win a bag of treats for her blizzard photo of Razz on Paws 'N Effect's FB page... yep you can help her win that bag!! You just have to go *like* her crazy fierce photo of Razz catching a snow ball--his favorite favorite FAVORITE game!!

Go here and scroll down to the contest and then scroll to her pic (labor intensive clicking I know) if you want to help:

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Preparing Razzle for Finland

He goes to the vet tomorrow...

Does getting a microchip make them feel crappy?

We also have to get Razz his rabies vaccination at the same time, apparently we have a choice one or three year dosage... anyone know or have an opinion which is better for him?