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perception change vs panic

I'm posting a link to another writ on dogs calming signals only because what so often gets talked about as expressions/signs of stress is also described here as a calming signal---most of which yes I knew but to put it in the context of being a calming signal changes it for me and the options open up of how I might decide to respond?

To view a yawn and a shake-off as calming signals lets me see the dog as less an overwhelmed victim and more that the dog is trying to take an active role or at least has a more optimistic role in which way an emotionally charged moment is going to go?

And to be able to see it, whatever calming signal the dog is giving, as part of a potential dialogue between dog and handler, that can if its allowed to be a dialogue, move to a more positive conclusion, rather than OH NO AHHHHHHH LOOK MY DOG IS STRESSING, THIS IS STRESSING MY DOG OUT, AHHHHHHHHH, and hitting the panic button, and getting louder and more emphatic or whatever, when I could be dialoguing in some calming signals myself and see it as the dog taking action to chill the moment out???

It's now happened

One of B's photos of Razz just got featured on dogsofinstagram
The likes are piling in...


Ahem, he's wearing MY hat

So Old or not So old


Sometimes I am in my 22 year old brain and sometimes in my 46 year old brain and sometimes my 9 near old heart or my 30 year old heart and these states effect how old my body will function... At least I think it's true

Testing the phone app for LJ links

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