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Such a great class on Thursday. Teach was in good form, positive, relaxed, challenging.
Stel and I were the only ones to get the lateral push lead out start to the blind after the tunnel to 4 and the only ones to get the tandem turn at the poles layering the piles to the tunnel. Stella was absolutely gorgeous on that turn. Amazing Didn't think she'd do it--turning away from me and the layering and all but she drove right through the turn and into the tunnel. Complete understanding.
The double lap at 5 well we got it but it needs work because Stel totally questioned me on it. Did it in slo mo. It's the timing of the rock back I need. Also hands low. So this is our homework this week.
We are getting that one step send down (between the tunnels) and reverse spins are working great. Ahead but at the double. And then the whiskey was nice.

In other news, B loves her car magnets I got made from Adrian's wonderful drawings!!!

are you really going to take that jump

I'm going to have to do this in bits and pieces.

I have to say Razzle went berserk every time he heard Janita's slo mo voice she used to hit home how even waiting a couple of seconds to make sure the dog takes the jump seems like forever to the dog--and we need to see commitment and just GO! and we heard it A LOT and Janita was so funny, doing it in her slo mo voice every time like this:

Is it that they hear/see things 300 times faster than we do? Something like that... I actually haven't found it in my notes yet...

"Dogs go where they are looking."
heard that a lot too

also here's an interesting bit: on a challenge, Janita fully trained a running dogwalk in ten sessions.


Razzle and sirens and alarms

he does this now for fire engines and ambulances and car alarms on the street... the husband wonders if it is because it hurts his ears, but i think these are possibly universal sounds of alarm and just run deep
33 ideas for a funner neater craftier home... but it just never happens

Ok here we go...

Ideas and the people who have them sometimes have a life span?
I also didn't realize she's an uncredentialed expert... Is that a word?

A little Omg and a lotta OMD

I don't know how Beth Moon that woman with the little dog in Silvia's puppy class is doing it but she has over 200 votes!! Hmmmm maybe you LJ guys could all tell a friend to go vote for us? We so want to win and we are 55 likes behind... (Tammy your student doesn't have a grad video up yet--I'd totally vote for her too!!)
Tell em to go here and look for us?

Anyway time to get a move on and find a place to hike this morning before the OMD seminar starts. An hour of TENNIS BALLS in the hotel room is fun but we need a hike because we are auditing all weekend.

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The lecture night

I'm in NH at the OMD seminar. Some good stuff. They are very funny and smart. But the five hour trip to get here took seven. Both Razz and I are fried. Good night.

a tiny first aid kit from Team Unruly

putting the post here for reference... hiking with dogs first aid kit ideas... yes, cute idea from the girl scouts
We are DONE!!! Our Razzle Graduation video took TWO DAYS to edit all our months of video into this collection of training and playing and learning snippets... I LOVED THIS CLASS!!!

But here's the thing. Its a competition now: The people's vid with the most likes on Silvia's Puppy Graduation page gets a free class and the next couple most likes get free training videos... so we are in this to win something!!! Yeah. (Foundations!!!!) And I really do hope you like our graduation video---it crashed my computer, deleted clips I don't have on my phone anymore, took four tries that took forever to load to youtube...

I know this is mildly obnoxious to ask for likes, but I really am very proud of what we accomplished... anyway, if you indulge us, just so you know---"likes" don't count unless they are liked on Silvia's site... here I think:

and if you are feeling generous... share this link freely with all your dog loving friends?????

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we're gonna go rest on our laurels now...