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To's surprise puppies have arrived


My favorite part of her post is at the very end. She is so funny! And clever.

Razz's Up again!!

He's a friggin genius.
Raised it again (it took forever to stabilize it with the uneven frozen ground and swollen wood) and he's even more perfect than at the lower height...
Not even one miss switching from speedy approaches to standstill at 1.5 meters back to the j tunnel again at 8 meters... Good boy!!!


The poop on the poop?

 photo 839451BD-026F-4C60-8C44-541BFD37D904.jpg

So what do we have?

 photo C74EE30A-089D-409D-8081-FA70493227A3.jpg

Little surprises

So you all saw Silvia's OMG post--news about To????

"...never understood how something like this could happen, but well, I guess I know now..."


Anyway we are doing well now in the RC class. I don't remember this part though with Stella about changing the numbers of strides... He was doing it in four and she wanted us to get him to do it in three. We've raised it three times already in a week. And now that he is doing it beautifully in three she wants us to get him to do it in four to prepare him for full height. So we are playing with starting spots. It's so interesting how he is really understanding it now.

His Priorities?

Up in the middle of the night because the boy was panting. Took him out back to pee in the yard then back to bed. No more panting. I guess he was so busy saving up so he could mark everything on that last pee walk before bed that he forgot to actually pee.
Another observation about this guy... He really doesn't like to take the time to drink when in the agility environment be it class or a trial... We will have to figure that one out.

 photo 1AB19A10-D663-4A14-947B-4F26B707BA69.jpg

Some freakin people

Last walk of the night, a guy and his dog are coming up the block toward us and his dog starts barking at Razz and Stel from a distance. This is already Stel's least favorite time of night to be walking because it's when she got bitten. And tonight it's garbage and recycling that are out, so the sidewalk is really congested. I want to cross to the other side of the street but the garbage and recycling is blocking our way all along and I ask the guy to wait a second until I can find somewhere to get through to between the parked cars... He doesn't wait. The barking lunging dog keeps coming. Stel is frozen now and I have to drag her out of the way of this dog into the garbage bags. Razz has no problem clearing the garbage and getting behind me between cars, but Stel is still stuck... The guy stops right there to say something to me, I don't know what he is saying, his dog is so loud and lunging at Stel and I ask him to just please move on... And he goes off on me. Still standing there. Like what his dog is doing is normal and fine and I am being rude asking him to keep going.

Poor Stel. We did a few tricks on people's stoops the rest of the way home to try to reestablish her jovial equilibrium but this was not good.

Not good.


Somebody's Dream Job

B is looking for a job. Her sister sent her this link.


The commute is probably too far. But she'd be good at it..,
It's always so disconcerting to me to see her and know how smart she was and how seemingly happy and living a fulfilling life... As someone on FB is keeping her blog and her good work alive

I am totally coveting that pink ball...
Happy birthday Penny!!!
And much love!!!