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Before and After (blood and sweat no tears)

Terrible photos but here's her second cut of the season... I should have done pictures of the first cut of the season because she was so shaggy and poofy the contrast was more fun and dramatic

On the grooming table before

Off the grooming table after

And somehow I ALWAYS ALWAYS manage to get myself with the scissors

She feels better anyway. That couple of inches is everything.

On the trouble with all of us

The husband has been writing some good pieces lately and I keep forgetting it might be nice to share them here...


Ok this video in the SG blog entry on the new B&W pup just made me laugh and laugh at how sassy that pup is to Susan Garrett. What a great promotion for her puppy peaks class...
I am so impressed. This was the whole session, and our very first try at Sit-up to Down to Sit-up, and by the end of this video (which is under a minute, and at first he wants to sit-up/down/stand-up) he's GOT it!

We are having less luck with the sit-up to stand-up to sit-up... better than this when there is a wall or something behind him. But it sure was nice to be out in the park this afternoon. Sunny and chilly. (This morning was winter coats and hats cold)

And we also practiced heeling (he was a little too distracted to give me any strong backing up with me, he's good in the apartment) and more skateboarding... both of which are progressing

I apparently entered a UKI trial tomorrow... Stella will have a special day!!
I wonder if I will get someone to video. I always feel video adds pressure, but its always so useful later...

PS: I've made it to the gym several times last week and this week and also to yoga. I'm patting myself on the back

The young boy and the girl of a certain age

First he pulls on her ears and she says no, I'm napping. He says please please please a couple times and she still says no. And I mean NO. Then he sits on her head which makes her stand up and oh man, game on...

I have plenty of video of them playing but one of these times I have to get some footage of the way he convinces her she really does want to play when she is pretty certain she doesn't.
I think I do have some begging video... I'll look.


dog flu in chicago

For B's graduation in June we plan to take the dogs out to Chicago and then pack her up and bring her home. The husband has been emailing me all those news reports about the canine flu in Chicago. How five dogs have died. And then today circulating there is this article published in Dogs Naturally saying - eh, no big deal, its just pharmaceutical companies colluding with the press in a strategy to sell vaccines and how vaccinating your dog for this canine flu is maybe not the best idea...

what to think about this...