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The day started with games in the snow at off leash in the park. So much happy


B got a sort of snow day and because the trains were all screwed up she got to work from home. She made a snow man and took snow pix in the back yard.

I made waffles for lunch.

And now Trump loses the court battle with his travel ban. Yes.

#resist Support Links List

To add to my LJ link shelf


Am going to subscribe to the Washington Post... they've been great and having some fun doing it too

And the how to take care of yourself so you last for years link


el jay phone home

Can I bitch here about how I can no longer get on LJ via my phone? I've deleted and re-downloaded the app several times over three days and still i get this LJ apology that they can't do this right now, let me back on LJ via my phone. Its stupid. Its frustrating. Maybe its a boon.

I would have missed it but B caught it
Sure enough we are there nothing fancy but yeah, Wild woman Stella Bear game face on


More employment opportunities for dogs



I love the part that cats will be used in the future for overconfident people...


There is a guy at off leash with a big playful dog that has a very loud insistent bark and the guy gets embarrassed about it. The dog is quiet at home, just not in the park. He keeps saying he's going to get one of those collars to zap him. I've been talking him out of it. The dog is just excited to be out there and wants to play, someone THROW THE BALL!!! THROW THE BALL!! THROW THE FREAKIN BALL!!! The last time we talked about it the woman standing next to him said she really doesn't like the barking. Yeah ok, the dog is loud, but not when he is chasing the ball... so just throw the ball. to make this dog shut up at off leash would be like taking your little kid to the playground and say you can run and climb and play all you want here but don't make any sound.

Now Stella, she sometimes barks at the sound of someone outside our appartment. Eh. On the fence about that. She barks on leash sometimes, usually at night, at the sight of other dogs. I don't like that. She barks at passersby our gate in ct. and we are on a regular country walker/jogger/biker route so I really don't like that. Goes on all day unless I stay on top of which can be a full time occupation. She barks at cats and squirrels in our city backyard. She answers other dogs barking in the neighborhood...
She's gotten barkier and barkier in her old age.



Proud of my chocolate girl for weathering the high stress environment of the Thanksgiving Cluster in MA and even getting her OA on this (very suspenseful) run.

She took 13 seconds to tease me about whether or not to finish doing the teeter. THIRTEEN SECONDS!!!! with a total twinkle in her eye... probably still pissed I made her down on the table...

But, yep, the rest of the run was vintage Stella... she's nine and a half and apparently her thyroid has moved from low normal to mid normal... how did we accomplish that? I would really like to know... I think its certainly helped her ring stress

Home made Agility Equipment contest

I really think Dawn should enter this Clean Run contest about sharing a piece of agility equipment you made. Her dw plans we used were BRILLIANT. She would totally win but she seems to have vanished from fb. Or perhaps she unfriended me?

The contest:

We trained two running dws on her changing-heights design and the equipment was essential. we get compliments all the time.